Here are some notes from the Youtube video Maximize Learning At Conferences & Meetups with Joe Eames with Brooke Avery and Joe Eames.

What do community gatherings offer?

The atmosphere creates a zeal that cannot be replicated from home.
If you want to get better at something, get involved in the community.
This creates opportunity.

Some Tips:

  • leave work at home
  • stay and engage until they kick you out
  • be involved
  • showing up is 90% of the work

What should you do if you’re an introvert?

  • try 1-on-1
  • participate in the activity (which can act as a frame for the social interaction)
  • put down your phone
  • be available
  • other people will approach you, if you show up
  • “think and share”

Note Taking

  • take analog notes of keywords, so you can look it up later
  • don’t use digital tools (to avoid distractions)
  • take home new ideas

Learn Topics

  • talk about what you want to learn, so others can help you


  • if you can, attend in person (offline)
  • a good place to “learn to teach”, as the barrier is low