Here is some advice from Joe Eames from the Angular Plus Show, Episode 075: Keeping Your Career Current:

  • conferences & talks show you the lay of the land, they don’t teach you how to do things, only what is possible
  • retention: you forget a lot, so passively watching a video is almost a waste of time
  • make it interactive: take notes - you can even delete them later, but engaging with the material will increase your retention rate
  • pause, try things out (e.g., use Stackblitz)
  • better than following along: come up with an idea and do that (don’t wait until the end of the video/course); this is like assigning yourself homework
  • consistency matters: be realistic, a lot of things take time
  • heuristics: are you able to use this at your job? If not, do you have a side project where you can use it? If neither is true, and you’re not trying to switch your job, think about if it’s worth learning